Hari Niwas Palace – The Royal Heritage of Jammu

This Palace was commissioned by Raja Amar Singh who moved to this beautiful vantage point from the palace complex at Mubarak Mandi. It is made in French colonial style using local materials – bricks, lime mortar and pebbles as embellishments. This Palace was the residence of Maharani Tara Devi till 1968.

Environmental Park Jammu – The Park cum Forest

There is not much places in Jammu to get untouched with the city. But if you are looking for a peaceful place and on the same time adventurous too you rarely find a one. And the only available place is our environmental park in Jammu with his full forest type feeling. Yes you can say… Read More »

The Blind Man and his Khoya Barfi at Thandi Khui

Have you ever seen a blind person making tea and sweets. Not only this, he deducts money and without any doubt he is running his business successfully even being blind. This article is about such a man who started his business as a tea seller and sweet maker and now he is famous in the… Read More »

Tower of sacrifice: Balidan Stambh in Jammu

Throughout the history of our young nation, we have seen our military go bravely into battle, armed with courage and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Salute the ones who died, that ones that give their lives so we don’t have to sacrifice all the things we love. So we are going to aware all… Read More »

Country’s biggest underground Fish Aquarium in Jammu

If you are bored and looking forward for a day off then we don’t think you will find anything better nearby than the fish aquarium in Jammu. Points to be noted lords! This aquarium is country’s biggest underground aquarium, 22m in length and exhibits around 400 species of fish.

The famous 100 years old Dhani ji Banta Wale in Jammu

Don’t know what the perfect word to address that personality; he is an enthusiast, culture promoter and an entrepreneur who build a legacy which is more than 100 years old. If you are a local being of Jammu then we are damn sure that once in a lifetime you definitely visited there but there are… Read More »

Untold story behind the Ancient Mahamaya Temple in Jammu

The city of Jammu rightly deserves to be the city of temples. There are lots of ancient temples that built on a hilltop which provides a panoramic view of the magnificent Jammu city. Mahamaya Temple in Jammu is one such temple with their history still unfold.

The unseen Green Tunnel in Jammu (Akhnoor)

Have you ever heard of something you can’t believe and just think what will happen when it is right in front of your eyes. Yes my fellas, this article will let you witness the unseen beauty of unique tunnel in jammu you never ever visualized in your dreams. We are talking about the Green Tunnel… Read More »