The Blind Man and his Khoya Barfi at Thandi Khui

By | July 17, 2016

Have you ever seen a blind person making tea and sweets. Not only this, he deducts money and without any doubt he is running his business successfully even being blind. This article is about such a man who started his business as a tea seller and sweet maker and now he is famous in the whole province.

The Blind Man and his Khoya Barfi at Thandi Khui

No doubt all of you must know about this place at Thandi Khui which is very famous for its Khoya Barfi and other products. The founder of this shop was Lt. Shree Khazan Chand ji who started this shop and named it as ‘Old is Gold’ in 1953. Tourmyj&k team after talking with Ajay Kumar (Grandson of Lt. Shree Khazan Chand) we come to know certain things which we are going to share with you all.

Some Facts About Thandi Khui, Jammu

You will find a well there and it is of the time when there were no vehicles. No one really knows who established the well. Ajay Kumar told us there was 100 years old widow who spend her whole life in serving water from the well to the people there, her name was ‘Jyanti Devi’.

The main attraction of this famous shop is the Blind man named ‘Bishan Das’. You will surely get amazed by seeing him, he can’t see but still he can make a perfect cup of tea which you will love to have. He also makes the famous Khoya Barfi there. He can’t see but he deducts money according to the products you have taken and then return you the money left. Isn’t this amazing?

You can see the workers there making the Khoya Barfi in front of you and the beautiful smell of the Barfi will attract you. Most of the staff includes their family members and cousins. Daily they sell around 50 kg of Khoya Barfi. They also serve other snacks like Samosa, Pakode, Besan ki Barfi etc. Everything is organic and the raw material used is produced by them only.

How to get there?

If you are a local of Jammu then it will take you to travel around 24kms from Jammu to reach there. You can go by your own vehicle or from bus.

Map is given below


Opening time: 6:30 am – 7:00 am

Closing time: 9:00 pm

Gallery of Thandi Khui, Jammu

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Our Verdict

Though we have tasted the famous Khoya Barfi and other products so that we can say you must visit this shop once a lifetime and taste their tasty products specially their famous Khoya Barfi, worth having.

Evening would be the best time to visit there. Most people love to have a cup of tea after their office. If you pass by this place do not forget to visit Thandi Khui famous for its blind man and his Khoya Barfi.

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