Shri Ranbireshwar Temple Jammu – The Famous Temple of Lord Shiva

By | October 19, 2020

Ranbireshwar Temple is another one of the oldest temple of Jammu city. This temple is other well-known Shiva temple in the center of Jammu’s old city. Ranbireshwar Temple has its own history and legends. The devotees of this temple have great belief in this temple and this temple also have some specific days of worship. The famous Ranbireshwar Temple of Lord Shiva is located towards the opposite side of Jammu and Kashmir Civil Secretariat that is situated in Shalamar Road, Jammu.

Shri Ranbireshwar Temple Jammu

Shri Ranbireshwar Temple which is famous temple of Lord Shiva have twelve Shiv Lingams of crystal with the measure of 12” and 18”. The gallery of this temple is filled with thousands of ‘Saligrams’ and these saligrams are fixed on stone slab.

History of Ranbireshwar Temple

The Ranbireshwar Temple has been named after its founder whose same was Maharaja Ranbir Singh. This temple’s construction was started on 1863 A.D and was fully built in 1878 A.D. This temple is one of the biggest temple of Shiv Ji in North India. Inside of this temple, there’s a huge Shiv lingam of rhinestone that measures the height of seven and a half feet which is surrounded by ten billaura shiv lingams of height 2 feet. The gallery of this temple is surrounded by 1,25,000 Shivlings that have been brought here from Narmada river, The Ranbireshwar temple of Jammu is just 1 kilometer distant from Raghunath Baza, Jammu.


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Important Things To Know About Ranbireshwar Temple

Ranbireshwar Temple is now owned by Dharmarath Trust whose headquarter is nearby to the temple. The trust of this temple is also close to the Jammu and Kashmir State Govt. offices. As compared to Raghunath Temple the security of Ranbireshwar Temple is not strict. Devotees coming here to seek the blessings has to take large number of steps to reach the centre of the temple where huge Shiv Lingam is situated. There’s a huge statue of Maharaja Ranbir Singh at the centre of this temple. While entering this temple towards its right and left side there are small sacred room (sanctums) of Lord Ganesha and Karttikey. The center sanctum has a brass Nandi weighing around a ton that is enclosed in a glass, where eight foot tall Shivling is situated along with the Murties (sculpture) of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Nearby all this is a samadhi (Mausoleum) of Saint Mahant Shri Nand Giri, the person who inspired the king to build this temple.

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Our Review :

We visited Ranbineshwar temple in afternoon and it was the perfect time for us to visit, Pujari Ji was preparing bhog (Food) for Lord Shiva. The time he gave bhog to Lord Shiva, the enegry , positivity and feeling can not be explained. We had immense pleasure to seek that view and the sound of Shanks (shell) and bells, the loud chanting of Om Namah Shivaye gave us goosebumps. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati gives a true feeling of nirvana to their believers and devotees. This temple is a must visit place.


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