Shivkhori Shrine | Shivkhori Cave Temple In Jammu

By | October 8, 2020

Shivkhori Shrine or Temple is a very famous and ancient cave shrine which is located in the district Reasi of Jammu. Shivkhori temple is well known among Hindus because inside the cave there has been formed a natural Shiv ling (Stalagmite). As this cave shrine is of Lord Shiva, Shivkhori Temple or shrine is one of the holy place of Jammu and Kashmir. Shivkhori Cave Shrine is visited by mllions of devotees every year. This temple is known for the house of several hindu dieties. Shivkhori cave is about 150 metres long, inside the cave there’s a 4 feets high Shiv Lingam on which the droplets of milk keep dripping from above stone. The source of those droplets are still unknown.

Shivkhori Shrine | Shivkhori Temple In Jammu :

Shivkhori, a spiritual cave has an avtar of Shv Ji ( Lord Shiva), which is situated at a hillock of Reasi district. The Shiv lingam is also known as Shayambhu and has been a belief of millions of devotees. Shivkhori temple is one of the famous and ancient temple of Jammu and Kashmir. There’s a trekking of about 3 Kms to reach Shivkhori Cave, this trekking is through a path covered with green beatiful mountains, the scenery out there makes this trekking more exciting.

Legends and History of Shivkhori :

It is believed that, there was a demon whose name was Bhasmasur, who did tapasya and prayed to Lord shiva to bless him with a power. Lord Shiva blessed him with a power to kill anyone with just keeping his (Bhasmasur’s) hand on the head of anyone he wishes to kill. One day, Bhasmasur thought of killing Lord Shiva, so he started his search to find Lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva got to know about this, Lord Shiva along with Parvati Mata (Lord Shiva’s wife), Lord Ganesha and Nandi fled to save themselves from Bhasmasur to a safer place. While they were looking for a place , they thought to rest at Shivkhori, Bhasmasur, who was looking for Lord Shiva reached Shivkhori and found Lord Shiva. They both had a violent fight between them, which obviously Lord Shiva won. After this Lord Shiva didn’t kill Bhasmasur but instead of killing him, Lord Shiva tried to save themselves by throwing his trishul on the earth that dig a cave through which only Lord Shiva, Parvati Mata and Lord Ganesha could only pass. When Lord Shiva got successful in their escape, Lord Vishnu decided to kill Bhasmasur by his witty plan. Lord Vishnu diguised himself in the character of Mohini. Lord Vishnu in Mohini disguise started dancing and tried to impress Bhasmasur. When Bhasmasur got impressed, Lord Vishnu in disguise tried that Bhasmasur do the same dance steps as him, demon Bhasmasur started copying Mohini and Mohini did a step in which she kept her hand on her own head. Demon Bhasmasur did the same and kept his hand on his own head and got killed. This is how Lord Vishnu killed demon Bhasmasur through his wit.


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How To Reach  Shivkhori Shrine or Temple

To visit Shivkhori Shrine, reach at Jammu railway station from there you can opt. for a private taxi, the distance from Jammu railway station to Shivkhori is about 108 Kms. The distance from Jammu airport to Shivkhori Shrine is about approximately 130 Kms and from Jammu airport you can opt. for private teaxi to reach Shivkhori Shrine.

Best Time to Visit Shivkhori Shrine :

The best time to visit this shrine is in the months between September and April because in these months the weather become more pleasant which makes the journey more relaxing.

Services :

If you don’t want to cover the trek of Shivkhori Shrine, you can avail the service of Pony from the starting point of Shivkhori temple.

Photo Gallery :

Our Review :

Shivkhori temple is one of the ancient temple for Jammu. We went this divine shrine cave, Shivkhori in the month of February on the occassion of Shivratri. There were thousands of devotees from different places. The shrine was all crowded and people were chanting hymns loudly. We finished our trek by foot and then had darshan of Shayanbhu Ji. We felt relaxed after having a delighted sight of the mountains and stayed there for 5 hours. It was an amazing trip.



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