Purmandal Temple Jammu – One Of The Oldest Holy Place In Jammu

By | October 9, 2020

Jammu is a city of temples and after every 1 km there’s a temple that is historic and many people have their own believes for every historic temple. So there’s a Purmandal Temple which is situated in Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Purmandal Temple Jammu

Purmandal Temple is one of the temple which is located in the outskirts of Jammu city. It is situated in Samba distrct of Jammu region. Purmandal temple is a spiritual temple with many deities. This temple situated on the banks of Devika river. Purmandal Temple in the outskirts of Samba district is also known as “Chotta Kashi”. A famous Purmandal temple fair have also been organised by the authorities every year in the month of February for three days. Those who die accidently and are unmarried are buried there. There’s a sand on the ground and whenever you take a step the water comes out of it.

Legends and History of Purmandal Temple

Purmandal temple is a temple that is built with precious stones. This temple is also histroric as this temple is one of thne oldest temple of Jammu City. This temple has derived its name from a village where it is situated, it is situated in a Purmandal Village, so the name of the temple has its name from there. It is also believed that Ustad Bismillah Khan and Saint Kabir visited this village. Purmandal Temple was once visited by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Guru Nanak Dev Ji in ancient times. The main deity of this temple is Umapati which is an avtar of Mata Parvati or Goddess Parvati. As this temple is situated on the bank of Devika River, people usually takes bath their with the belief that taking bath in that river cleanse the soul. It is also believed that King Veni Dutt, the ruler of medieval times ruled this temple and it was a part of his kingdom. According to Hindu mythology, King Veni Dutt vsited this temple in 8th and 9th century.


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How To Reach Purmandal Temple

  1. By Airways : To reach Purmandal Temple, reach at the nearest airport which is Jammu airport and take a private cab or take a transport bus to Purmandal.
  2. By Railways : To reach Purmandal Temple, reach at the nearest railway station which is Jammu railway station and take a private cab or take a transport bus to Purmandal.


Distance from Jammu Airport to Purmandal temple is around 31 kms, it takes approximately 1 hour to cover this distance without traffic. Distance from Jammu Railway Station to Purmandal is around 28 kms,  it takes approximately 50 mins to cover this distance without traffic.


Our Review

Hailing from Jammu, the city of temple, Purmandal temple has a historic belief in every Jammunity. So, I went there with my family for some spiritual belief, took bath there. Many people were gathered there for the cremation of those who weren’t adult and with every step that I took on sand the water came out of it. There were around hundreds of shiv lingam. This temple is one of the historic places of Jammu.

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