Prachin Pandav Gufa: Akhnoor

By | August 22, 2016

The cave symbolizes the period of Agyatvas which the Pandavas spent as servant working in the palace of king Virat. It also symbolizes the restoration of faith by the virtue of dedicated meditation under taken by the Pandavas. It is said that Pandavas had come to this place and incorporated a Shivling to seek blessing of Lord Shiva. During Agyatvas period Lord Krishna is said to have visited this cave in form of a child.

The stone at the entrance bear the foot prints of Lord Krishna and is a testimony to glorious era of the past. It is said that the other end of the cave leads to Shri Amarnath Ji shrine in Kashmir.

How to get there or Location of Prachin Pandav Gufa, Jammu

Google map is not available for this location. Below is the map of Akhnoor fort which is not much away from this site. 

Public transport is available or you can go by your own vehicle. It is 30 kms away from Jammu.

For directions the map is below.

Gallery of Prachin Pandav Gufa, Jammu


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Note: Photography is not allowed inside

Timings of Prachin Pandav Gufa, Jammu

Early morning to night, as common timings of every temple.

Best time to visit Pandav Gufa, Jammu

The best time to visit there is early morning and evening so you can enjoy fresh and cool breeze.

Apart from the temple, this place is located beside the Chenab River and offers a scenic view of the city. So, don’t forget to visit there.

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