Poonch Fort Jammu – The Ancient Fort Of Jammu

By | October 8, 2020

Poonch Fort of Jammu which is also known as Poonch Qila is one of the historical fort of Jammu and Kashmir. Poonch Fort is situated in the district Poonch of Jammu and Kashmir. It was built by Raja Rustam Khan in the year between 1760 and 1787. The architecture who built this huge fort was very fond of Mughal’s architecture and Raja Moti Singh was got impressed by the design of the architecture so he kept renovating this fort for 40 continuous years.

Poonch Fort Jammu

Poonch Fort adds more glory to the historic city of Jammu and Kashmir. This fort is authentic and documented that records a history of district Poonch. Poonch Fort is one of the historic monument of Jammu and Kashmir to visit. This fort covers the area of 7,535 sq.m. Poonch fort of Jammu and Kashmir records the historical stories of Dogras, Muslims and Sikhs. Raja Rustam Khan was the son of Raja Abdul Razaq Khan so basically the foundation was laid by Raja Abdul Razaq Khan around 1713 AD. So after this he died and further the fort was built by his on Raja Rustam Khan. Raja Moti Singh years after the renovation of Poonch fort hired a European architecture and constructed it in European style. This Fort has now become one of the tourist destination in district Poonch of Jammu and Kashmir.

How To Reach Poonch Fort Jammu

To reach this fort, reach at Jammu airport or Jammu railway station from there you can hire a private cab or take transport buses and reach Jammu bus stand from there take transport bus that will be going to Poonch. This is the easiest way to reach the historical Fort of Poonch.


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  1. From Jammu Airport – The distance from Jammu airport to Poonch fort is around 234 kms.
  2. From Jammu Railway Station – The distance from Jammu railway station to Poonch fort is around 236 kms.


Our Review

This Fort is one of the best historic place to revist our historical structures. This Fort is not too big and huge but it is too old. As it is built under the rule of muslims and sikhs, so when we visited this place we saw the architectural style of both sikhs and mughals.

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