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By | October 23, 2020

Jammu and Kashmir has been blessed naturally with numerous shrines of different communities. People from different communities have immense faith to their belonging gods and culture. The sacred places, temples and shrines of all community is infact a symbol of brotherhood and unity. Since for more than hundred years till now the state of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh presents the glory of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh unity. The Ziyarat or Dargah of Peer Mitha has become the symbol of harmony. People from all religion offer their prayers and seek blessings. Peer Mitha Tomb is crowded by people of different religion and varied faiths.

Peer Mitha Tomb

The great spiritual guru, peers (saints) and pandits or rishis have preached people the eternal message of universal love, humanity, companion and peace. These spiritual places have uplifted people in many ways and have made their space in the hearts of numerous devotees, bhakts and followers. Among such places is a place in Jammu which is known as ‘Ziyarat Peer Mitha’. It has been said by some of the people and believers that this Ziyarat is about six hundred years old.

Structure Of Peer Mitha Tomb

The Peer Mitha tomb is also known as Sweet Peer, this popularly known dargah is situated on the western slopes of Tawi river which is in the heart of Jammu City. This tomb reflects the architecture of ancient Mughal period. The main dargah of Peer Mitha is very huge which is located at the center of this dargah. On the western side of Peer Mitha Dargah have two similar structures but those structures are smaller than the main. The center of Peer Mitha Dargah is about 25-30 feets in circumference. The height is about 30-35 feet. The Tomb’s walls are about 5 feet wide and there’s a door which is facing towards south west. There’s a courtyard around the main building, where the peers in succession were put to rest. The architecture of Peer Mitha Dargah depicts the ancient time where the walls are made of lime mortar, tiles and bricks. After few year, a madarsa and mosque were built just next to Ziyarat.

History Of Peer Mitha Tomb

Peer Zulfkar Ali is the present caretaker of this Ziyarat who belongs to fourth generation of peers. The great Peer Mitha Ji, the person who accepts small patasa (sugar coin piece or sweet) was appointed with Laqab of Qutab-e-alam Sabzwari, because he had come from a place which falls between India and Afganishtan and is known as Sabzwar. This peer had close relations or links with Raja Ajaib Dev and Sadhu Garib Nath Jogi, Peer Ji used to worship in this tomb while Sadhu Garib Nath Jogi ji worshipped in Peer Kho Cave which is about 300 feet down hill on the banks of river Jammu Tawi. Peer Ji and Sadhu Ji both were mystic saints who used to meet each other very often and hence the area eventaully became sacred. So, the temple down there is popular as Peer Kho which means ‘Well of Peers” and also has a Shiva temple. Raja Ajaib Dev reign the throne during (1436-1459) who was the son of  Hamir Dev. According to present Peer Ji Peer Zulkar Ali, Peer Mitha Tomb was made by Raja Ajaib Dev.  Raja Ajaib Dev’s wife was suffering from leprosy and Peer Mitha Sahib Ji cured her disease and he made this tomb as thanksgiving. The whole place on which this tomb has made is under Archeological Survey of State.

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Festives Celebration

People from different communities visit this tomb especially on Thursdays. There’s a gathering of Kashyap Rajput’s community which takes place on Purnmashi of Chirri. People from Jammu as well as neighbouring states come to this shrine to seek blessings and offer players from Peer Mitha Ji. This festival is celebrated consecutively for 2 days and is also celebrated as a huge festival. This festivals includes singing of Qawalis which are sung by Qawals who comes from all over India.

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Our View

Peer Mitha Tomb gives an immense peace to one’s soul. People of every community have their faith and own belief toward Peer Mitha Ji and visit’s this tomb. We went to Peer Mitha Tomb on Thursday and there were group of people coming there to seek blessings of Peer ji.

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