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By | October 19, 2020

Jammu known as the City of Temples is famous for its religious and historical temples. Panchbaktar temple is one of the famous temples in Jammu city. This temple is popularly known as ‘Rupay Wala Mandir’ as coins has been embedded in the floor of the temple. It also seems that there were Dogri inscriptions on the exterior of the surrounding walls.

Panchbaktar Temple Jammu

Panchbaktar Temple occupies a unique place in the crown of this city and is one of the most revered Shiva Shrines in the city of Jammu, the Lord Shiva is worshipped here in the Swachananda form having five faces which represents the totality of Shiva in his most abstract form. Hence it is known as Panchbaktar. This temple is one of the historical and old Shivalaya in the city. According to the old tales of our purvajs (ancestors) is believed that Adi Shankaracharya visited this place and stayed here while some have other belief that it was discovered in early fourteenth century during the reign of Raja Mal Dev. The Lingam of Lord Shiva is self manifested (Aap Shambhu) that means no one has ever established it there.

History of Panchbaktar Temple

The history of this temple starts here, as it has been said that earlier in 1514, during the period of Guru Nanak Dev Singh Ji’s second Udasi, he visited this temple. It is also believed that he had a stay here of about three or four days, Raja Khokhar Dev, who was the king of Jammu of that time visited Guru Nanak Dev Ji in this temple with his queen and entire entourage. The king offered respect to Guru Nanak Dev Singh Ji and sought his blessings. Guru Nanak Dev Singh Expounded him about “Raj Dharma”. He advised Raja Khokhar Dev that his foremost duty was to do justice with his subjects and make them happy in every aspect, even if it is with sacrificing his own comforts. Everyone in this state should have livelihood. Guru Nanak Dev Singh also told him that his should have devotion and faith in God and should rule the state with compassion, will and justice, if he would rule the state this way with devotion and for well fare of his people then his rule would be extended to twenty two ‘Dhars’. Once upon a time General Mian Rattan Dev who was a devotee of Mahadev, along with three hundred horsemen defeated Afgans,who were ruling them. Mian Rattan Dev being a great devotee of Mahadev Panchbaktar, attributed the historic and unprecedented victory to the grace and blessings of Mahadev. He made a big temple in place of old temple to commemorate the victory. This temple was constructed by him, during the Mahantship of Kashi Gir, who was a great sage of that time and Mahant of the temple.


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How To Reach Panchbaktar Temple

This Temple is situated in a lane off the Residency Road that is barely a kilometer from the Raghunath Bazar. Reach the nearest railway station of Jammu city and take a taxi or autorickshaw, the option of local buses also available but to have their own comfort and privacy people opt for private taxis or autorickshaw.


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Our Review:

This temple is populary known as “Rupay Wala Mandir” by the locals of Jammu City. This temple has many small temples inside it. The best and amazing fact about this temple is this temple has a self embedded Shiv Lingam, no one has ever placed any sculpture or any lingam here. That’s why devotees have their firm believe and worship here every day. It is one of the historic temple of J&K.


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