Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary In Jammu – Important Things To Know Before You Visit Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary Jammu

By | October 16, 2020

Nandini Wildlife century has got its name from the local village which is known by the name Nandini. Though the sight of this place is so pleasing and wild that it won’t disappoint any animal lover.

Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary In Jammu

Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary has been situated near a Nandini Village. This Wildlife Sanctuary has derived its name from Nandini village itself. This Sanctuary is highly rich in flora and fauna and different species of animals and birds. The special facilities inside the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary need a special mention, the restraunts and dining options are very good and also the toilets are also cleaned. This Wildlife sanctuary is in the area with a breadth of 33.24 sq. km. This forest is rich in pine trees and natural flowers that grows only in the soil of Jammu and Kashmir. The most seen animals or creatures of this forest are panther, wild hog, dim langur, bharal rhesus monkey and many other.

Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is situated around 30 Kms from City Jammu. The sanctuary is highly rich in various species of animals and birds such as Hill Mynah, Chakor, Pigeons, Peacocks etc. This sanctuary is just like a dense forest which is usually visited by birdwatchers and hunters. This place is best for those who love wildlife, trees, animals and birds of different species. This place gives peace to soul and any nature lover would love to go here again and again. This place adds an additional adventure to Jammu City. This place have thick and high pine trees.


By Air : Distance from Jammu airport to Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary Jammu is about 28 Kms.

By Rail : Distance from Jammu railway station to Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary Jammu is about 26 Kms.


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Our Review :

We had recently visited this place and already wanted to revisit Nandini wildlife again. We had amazing time as we love nature and adventure so our whole team had so much fun watching the species we had never seen before. This wildlife sanctuary is highly rich in flora and fauna. The scenery we came across is unbelievable.




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