Mansarovar Lake: The Mythological Fresh Water Lake in Jammu

By | September 9, 2016

Mansar Lake also known as Mansarovar Lake is one of the most famous tourist spot of Jammu and Kashmir. It lake lies in Jammu region at a distance of 60 km from the city of Jammu and 40 km from Udhampur. This adventures lake is surrounded by forest-covered hills and has some mythological importance. Besides being a popular excursion spot or sightseeing destination, the lake has substantial religious significance and considered as a holy site by the Hindu people. It is believed that performing three parikarma (circumambulations) around the lake can bring good fortune to the newly wedded couples.

Mansarovar Lake: The Mythological Fresh Water Lake in Jammu

Holy Site in Mansar Lake

Sheshnag (snake god) is located on the eastern bank of the lake. The snake god has six heads and is flanked by small snakes. Two ancient temple of Umapti Mahadev and Narasimha and a temple of Durga is also located in the close vicinity of the lake.

Mansarovar Wildlife Sanctuary

Mansarovar wildlife sanctuary is home to numbers of wildlife species like neelgai, spotted deer and water birds, etc. J&K tourism department has provided the facility of boating in the lake. Every year during Baisakhi festival, J&K tourism department organized a food and craft fair in this lake. It also hosts the cultural festival of Dogra people in the month of May.

Activities in Mansar Lake

Fishing is not allowed in this holy site and apart from this we have:

  • Boating
  • Gaming (Yes, there is a gaming room for kids)
  • Electric and Non-Electric Rides for kids

Gallery of Mansar Lake

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How to get there or Location of Mansar Lake

The Mansar Lake is about 20 km from National Highway No. 1A. Road to Mansar Lake starts from just near Samba on National Highway No. 1A. There is a shortcut road from Mansarovar or Samba to Udhampur by-pass the Jammu town.

The map is given below.

Distance between Mansar and other nearby places

  • Distance between Mansar and Jammu is 62 km (39 mi)
  • Distance between Mansar and Surinsar Lake is 27 km (16.77 mi)
  • Distance between Mansar and Udhampur is 37 km (23 mi)
  • Distance between Mansar and Samba is 25 km (15 mi)

Best time to visit there

It’s a beautiful place to visit and feel the beauty of nature especially during the evening hours in summer and noon hours in winters

What we have experienced?

Mansar Lake is one of the twin lakes, the other being Surinsar Lake located around 30 km away from here. Well maintained and beautiful fresh water lake, having a small zoo at one side and hotels and restaurants on the other side. It has beautiful scenic as well as spiritual attributes. You actually feel the solace of calmness and rediscover yourself.

Plan a visit during autumn and spring as it is little cold and green all around and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

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