Manda Zoo – National Park in Jammu

By | August 22, 2016

A Zoo is one of such places which help us in bringing out the child inside us. But when it comes to finding a zoo in Jammu then Manda Zoo in Jammu is the only zoo in the whole province to get in touch with the beauty of nature’s best creations. Manda is a perfect place to visit on holidays and weekends with family. It is also a good picnic spot near the city and close to the royal heritage of Jammu and Kashmir, the Hari Niwas Palace.

Manda Zoo Jammu

What’s Inside Manda Zoo

Manda Zoo has attractive assembelage of butterflies like Peacock Pansy (Mor Phanfadi in Dogri),Blue Pansy (Neeli Phanfadi) ,Grass Yellow, Lime Butterfly (Nimbu Phanfadi in Dogri), Sailor, Plain Tiger, waterfowl including Mallard, Coot (Tikkri), Spotbilled duck, Barheaded geese (Rajhans) , elegant peafowls (Mor, Myura), Cinerous vulture (Gridh), Barn Owls (Ulloo), Eagles, Parakeets, Barking deer (Kakkad), Hog deer (Paada in Dogri), Sambar, Cheetal , Neelgai (Goond in Dogri), Porcupine (Seyh in Dogri) , Himalayan Black Bear (Haput in Kashmiri, Richh in Dogri), Leopard (Chitra, Mirg in Dogri), Pangolin (Sarkhal, Salla in Dogri). Python (Sangani in Dogri), Monitor Lizard (Gho in Dogri), Black Partridge (Kala Teetar), Grey Partridge is also seen in the wildlife sanctuary. Exotic birds like Turkey and Emu are also seen in Manda zoo.

Among other attractive birds, Paradise flycatcher (Poon chiri in Dogri, Doodhraj), Scarlet Minivet (Surkholi in Dogri, Rajlal, Bulalchashm in Hindi ), Tailor bird (Darjainu, Darzi), Jungle Babblers (Farol, Sod, Dadder in Dogri), Scarlet sunbird (Lal Angaarta in Dogri), Purple sunbird (Angaarta, Shakarkhora in Urdu), Indian Grey Hornbill (Doaa in Dogri, Dhanesh in Hindi), Green Pigeon (Preu in Dogri, Hariyal in Hindi), Fan flycatcher (Pakhi Phatoonu in Dogri), Barbets (Kudroo in Dogri, Basanta in Hindi), Hawk Cuckoo (Papeeha), Bulbuls (Peenja in Dogri) , Weaver bird (Baregdu in Dogri, Baya in Hindi) with their sweet melodies and artistic nesting behaviour add further thrill and charm to the nature walk in the wilderness around .

Gallery of Manda Zoo Jammu

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Manda Zoo Timings

Morning to Evening (Before Dark)

Note: Closed on Tuesdays.

How to get there or Location of Manda Zoo

Public transport is available but if you got your own vehicle then it will be lot more convenient for you.

For directions the map is available below.

Entry Charges

Adults: Rs. 20/- each
Children: Rs: 10/- each

Our Verdict

This place is perfect for family outings and weekend breaks. The zoo is neat, clean and green. Unlike other zoo, all captive birds and animals there are quite happy and healthy. As it is the only zoo in Jammu, so you should definitely visit there.

Note: There are no restaurants or any food point inside the zoo so if you would like to have something then there’s a Manda Cafe on the old gate of Manda zoo.

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10 thoughts on “Manda Zoo – National Park in Jammu

  1. taruna

    Manda zoo is a perfect bliss for seekers of peace and tranquility. There are animals,birds and plants..The flora and fauna in the zoo ranges from awe-inspiring to pouring flying kisses to them.

    really-The most sought after place in Jammu-the realm of peace.

    1. Amir Sohail Batt

      Add the names of Snakes that are brought in the ZOO recently….and also add crocodile in the list….As their will be much more excitement for these animals among masses….

  2. Rajeev kaul

    Nice nd beautiful place but need to bring more and more animals nd birds like in other zoo’s of India. ..

  3. surendra miya

    best season to visit ? also are there birds one can picture outside cage.

  4. kuldeep

    Is manda zoo open today the 23rd june 2017 what is timing to visithow far it is from Amphalla chowk


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