Jamia Masjid – Mosque in Srinagar

By | November 3, 2020

Many devotees and followers visit shrines, mosques and temples of Jammu and Kashmir every year. Jamia Masjid is one of those spectacular places which is visited by many people throughout the year. This mosque is one of beautiful mosque in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. This mosque is situated in Nowhatta also called as Downtownn, which is in the middle of the old city of Srinagar.

Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid is the largest mosque in Kashmir Valley and the top tourist attracttion in Srinagar. The location, ancient architecture as well as historical and religious importance of this mosque makes it quite a popular place among tourists. Every Friday, which is also known as Jumma, people of the following religion comes to seek blessings and offer prayers.

History of Jamia Masjid Kashmir

Jamia Masjid was built by Sultan Sikandar in 1402. The architecture of this mosque is Indo-Saracen which is designed with  370 wooden pillars and a courtyard. The existing construction of this mosque was done in 1672 on the orders of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir.  The son of Sultan Sikandar, Zain-ul-Abidin later extended this mosque to more people for around 3,333 Muslim members to offer prayers. This mosque is an ancient mosque which is still a glorified one.

Architecture of Jamia Masjid Kashmir

The architecture of Jamia Masjid is highly influenced by the Indo-Saracenic style which has been constructed in Persian manner which have some similarities to the Buddhists. The area that has been occupied by this mosque is 384 x 381 feet and and the shape is quadrangular with four turrets. These turrets are covered with pyramidal roofs. In the middle of this mosque there’s a square garden.

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Cultural Importance

Jamia Masjid in Jammu and Kashmir is a place where a huge number of Muslims from different regions around the globe visit often and offer prayers. Devotees recites their holy Islamic Scripts/Quran at Jamia Masjid Mosque. There’s a belief of the devotees that by offering prayers at Jamia Masjid, their sins are forgiven. since the reign of Sultan Sikandar till today, the cultural importance is still maintained and has even taken forward to showcase the beauty of this shrine.

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Our Review

This place is one of the beautiful place of Srinagar. This mosque of Srinagar is rich in ancient style of buildings and also gives the feeling of peace and tranquillity. The mosque is substential and can accommodate more than 33,000 people at a time.

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