Hari Ki Pauri | The Incredible Temple Of Jammu

By | October 21, 2020

Hari Ki Pauri is one of the famous and incredible temple of Jammu City, which is situated on the banks of river Tawi. This temple is famous for its large idols of Gods. This temple also have a ghat and there’s a huge complex like structure of temple Hari Ki Pauri. The complex of Hari Ki Pauri is divided in three sections. The first section has a gigantic statue of Lord Ganesha along the shrine of Devi Chamunda. the second section is known by the name of ‘Rameshwar’ which has a large idol of Lord Hanuman. The main section is named as ‘Char Dham’ which has a shrine of Lord Vasudev.

Hari Ki Pauri

Jammu known as ‘The City Of Temples’ has alot of temples which have some long back historical background and some are famous for their structures and some of them are famous for gigantic statues of Gods. The Hari Ki Pauri Temple of Jammu City has named this temple after the popular bathing ghat of Haridwar which is also known by the name of Hari Ki Pauri. The Hari Ki Pauri Temple of Jammu also has a bathing ghat, those who can’t reach Haridwar’s Hari Ki Pauri can visit here.

Things To Know About Hari Ki Pauri

Hari Ki Pauri temple of Jammu is a temple that has been build according to the modern structure on the banks of the river Tawi. The words ‘Hari’ means Lord Shiva, ‘Ki’ means ‘of’ and ‘Pauri’ means ‘steps or stairs’. This temple has a large number of devotees attractive towards this temple due to its gigantic idols and presence of all gods and goddesses of Hinduism. The complex of this Temple has three sections.

Section first of this temple has the river bank which is named as Ganga Ghat although the river is Tawi here. The temple section has magnificent idol of Lord Ganesha on the top of temple’s roof. The section that have a shrine of Chamunda Devi along with the idol of Goddess sitting on Lion. Inside this temple there are the idols of Surya, Dharma, Yama, Chitragupta, Devi Santoshi, Mata Saraswati, Mata Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva are displayed as Bhikshatanamurti who are getting alms from Mata Annapurna. There are also the idols of Vishnu and Nag devta (serpents) inside Hari Ki Pauri Temple.

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Section second has the magnificent idol of Lord Hanuman Ji at the top of temple’s second section. The gigantic idol of Lord Hanuman is visible even from the main bridge of Jammu Tawi.  This section of the temple is named as ‘Rameshwar’ which have a huge Shiv Lingam inside of this temple that is surrounded by other ten small Shiv Lingams. There are other shrines of Mata Vaishno, Bhadra Kali, Ganga and Tawi in this section.

Section third of this temple is named as ‘Char Dham’ which is the main shrine now. The main shrine of this section has a huge idol of Lord Vasudeva. There are other shrines of Mata Mansa Devi and Ganesha, Tirupati Balaji, Badrinarayan and etc.

The entrance of the main section of this temple also have a shrine of Shani Devta. There are alot of Akhand Jyots (lamps) placed at different places inside this temple.

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The temple opens at 6 a.m and closes at 8 p.m.

Our Review :

Hari Ki Pauri temple is one of the magnificent temple of Jammu city. This temple has a pleasing atmosphere which cool breezes coming along from the banks of river tawi, visiting this temple gave me inner peace. The gigantic statues of gods makes the view of this temple even more attractive and worth visiting. We had great time here after having a tour of this temple we sat on the courtyard of this court that gave us a beautiful look of the city. We had words with the Pujari ji of this temple, he shared with us his experience and his affection towards this temple.

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