The unseen Green Tunnel in Jammu (Akhnoor)

By | July 10, 2016

Have you ever heard of something you can’t believe and just think what will happen when it is right in front of your eyes. Yes my fellas, this article will let you witness the unseen beauty of unique tunnel in jammu you never ever visualized in your dreams. We are talking about the Green Tunnel in Jammu. Yes the Green Tunnel, maybe it’s the first time you have to come to know such sort of thing but as they say great things are yet to explore.

Unseen Green Tunnel in Jammu (Akhnoor)

It’s not much long. They are actually small tunnels and you will find them on your way to Akhnoor. These virtual tunnels not yet known to everyone but those who

Green tunnel in Jammu

How to get there or location of Green Tunnel Jammu?

You can get there by bus, or else if you got your own vehicle the road goes by after Jammu. You can ask anyone which is the way that leads to Akhnoor, the road is straight and at 4-5 places at the road you will find it.

Gallery of Green Tunnel Jammu


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Best time to visit here

“Happiness lies in peace and prosperity”, true. You will get both peace and prosperity here if you visit This Green Tunnel in early morning.

Early sunrise (Dawn) and after sunset would be the best time to visit here.

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