Govt. evacuated stranded residents of J&K

By | November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020


The Jammu and Kashmir government has evacuated around 8,61,124 J&K residents who were stranded in various parts of the country due to COVID-19 lockdown  via Lakhanpur through special trains and buses till today amid strict restrictions and under precautionary guidelines.

As per the data received in this regard, the J&K administration has received 155 trains so far at Udhampur and Jammu railway station from all over the states and UTs of the country with around 1,40,292 passengers out of which 7,20,832 persons are from other states and UTs including 948 from abroad have been evacuated by the government via Lakhanpur till today.

As per the details total number of figures of passengers are 8293, who have entered through Lakhanpur from November 11 to November 12. Whereas, 134 trains have reached Jammu with 1,24,596 stranded passengers belonging to different districts of the UT so far while 15,696 passengers have reached Udhampur in 21 special trains.

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