Environmental Park Jammu – The Park cum Forest

By | July 31, 2016

There is not much places in Jammu to get untouched with the city. But if you are looking for a peaceful place and on the same time adventurous too you rarely find a one. And the only available place is our environmental park in Jammu with his full forest type feeling. Yes you can say it a managed forest which is quite safer than the actual one.

Environmental Park Jammu – The Park cum Forest

Let’s take a brief picture of the Environment Park Jammu

The environment park covers an area of 260 hectares, of which 127 hectares were initially acquired by the environment department for developing a comprehensive network of biodiversity conservation and necessary facilities for visitors. But, unfortunately only 10 hectares of park land had been developed by the authorities for last 10 years.

A complete map of environmental park

A complete map of environmental park

The park landscape is a part of the Shivalik hills and is very rich in diversity of flora and fauna .It is enclosed from three sides by perpetual ridges carpeted with mixed forests along with ever green trees, semi-evergreen and scrub jungle. The park also nurtures wildlife like monkeys, porcupine, foxes, rabbit, field rats, lizards, mongoose, snakes, chakor, peacock and wild pig. Many kinds of birds, butterflies, damsels and dragonflies can also be spotted. Further, it has been learnt that a leopard has been spotted in the park on many occasions. Moreover, the interesting thing in the park is to watch two groups of monkeys- native and outsider. The outsider is one who has been brought here last year from Panjtirthi area. Both, the groups are living separately and have their own movement zones.

If you are lucky then you might get a chance to see peacocks. This place is perfect for photography but sorry unmarried couples are not allowed there. If you are planning for a family evening out then the children park there is perfect for your kids. The park lacks some basic amenities like canteen, guidance and research centre, medical aid post and security for visitors. If you need something then you have to bring it by yourself.

Foundation and Forming of Raika Environment Park

The Raika Environment Park was established in 1995 when the planning department in 1991 granted approval to the department of Ecology, Environment and Remote Sensing for the development of Environment Park in Maha Maya forests. The idea of setting up the park here was envisaged in view of its easy access from the Jammu city besides nearby national highway so that it can turn into an attractive stop for tourists during their visit to other destinations of the state. Another aspect of creating park was for the local recreational purposes and to boost the regional tourism development.

The Green Pond in Environmental Park

Environmental park

It is the final destination point from where there is a U-turn back to entry gate. Long time before, there was a pond containing water. Actually, the pond is still there but there’s no water in it. The pond is now filled with small green plants and now it looks like a green pond.

Entry Charges

Children: Rs. 5/- (Up to the age of 12 year)

Adult: Rs. 10/-

Note: Preserve ticket till the time you are in Garden. The ticket is neither refundable nor transferable.

Gallery of Environmental Park, Jammu

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How to get there or Location of Environmental Park, Jammu

It is on the National highway that leads to Batra Hospital. It’s better to go by your own vehicle. Alternate option is you have to look for the public transport which leads to Sidhra. It is on roadside, opposite Eco-Herbal Park. If you lost you can ask anyone local there.

What we have experienced?

The place is more than calm and green. We have experienced a complete silence there. Best time to visit there is evening and best season is spring. This place is out of bounds for visitors after the sun sets as there are no light spots in the park. It’s a perfect place for the evening out with family or for evening walk. If you are alone it’s better not to go much far and please keep yourself away from the monkeys there.

Have a visit there, it is one of its kind and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned and keep your city clean and green!!

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