Country’s biggest underground Fish Aquarium in Jammu

By | July 14, 2016

If you are bored and looking forward for a day off then we don’t think you will find anything better nearby than the fish aquarium in Jammu. Points to be noted lords! This aquarium is country’s biggest underground aquarium, 22m in length and exhibits around 400 species of fish.

Country’s biggest underground Fish Aquarium in Jammu

The Aquarium near Bahu Fort on the hill top is run by the fishery department and hosts an impressive collection of fish.

Fish aquarium in jammu

It is one of the prominent tourist attractions of Jammu, is popular for rich aquatic species. There are 24 aquarium caves, which include 13 small caves housing freshwater fish. Apart from these small caves, large caves have marine water fish, whereas nine medium sized aquariums contain fresh water fish.

The Project Aquarium cum Awareness Centre at Bahu Fort, Jammu was initiated during the year 1994-95 and inaugurated in 2007.

Objectives behind this project

  • To provide a tourists attraction for public.


  • Research centre for scholars.


  • To create awareness among general public regarding conservation and management of fishes and other aquatic organism.


  • As a guideline for setting up of Aquarium enterprise in pvt. Sector thereby solving a problem of unemployment and thereby improving socio – economic status of poor masses.

How to get there or Location of Aquarium in Jammu

Public transports are also available but if you have your own convince you get there yourself easily.

For directions map is below.

Gallery of Fish Aquarium in Jammu


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Revenue Realized and Visitors visited in the Aquarium since Inaguration in 2007.

Fish aquarium in jammu


From 6 am to 8 pm

Entry Charges of Fish Aquarium in Jammu

For Adults: Rs. 20/-

For Children: Rs. 10/-

Photography Charges

Camera: Rs. 50/-

Mobile: Rs. 20/-

Fish aquarium in jammu

What we have experienced?

Apart from the 400 species of fishes, we have experienced a deep silence and a peaceful environment. Probably, the best place to get untouched from the outside world. There is a park offering you panoramic view of the whole city.

We suggest you to take a small break from your schedule and go there for having some peaceful time. We would love to hear you views on this in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned!

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