Colonel’s Walk, Trot & Jump Riding School In Jammu

By | October 3, 2016

It’s not surprising that Jammu & Kashmir is a pretty good destination for adventure sports enthusiasts. With so much diversity in the terrains across the state, it comes as no surprise that J&K has a lot of scope for adventure sports. This is why adventure seekers from all over the country come over to enjoy an adrenaline rush like no other.

Colonel’s Walk, Trot & Jump Riding School In Jammu

Apart from Aero sports and Water sports in J&K. There’s a new destination in the city of temples which is not very known but got some exciting things which makes this place an amazing destination to spend weekend.

Colonel Walk, Trot and Jump Riding School is located on Surinsar Road and is 7Km from Sidhra Chowk. It is named as school because they also teach what they got in there. Retd. Colonel Randev Singh Parmar laid the foundation of this place. It is an amazing destination for adventure sports lovers. Although, they have only two adventure sports but it is some of few place in Jammu where you can have a taste of adventure sports.

Activities to do there

Horse Riding: All the horses there are healthy and muscular. The best thing about them is they are quite friendly so one need not to worry about if the person is going to try it for the first time.

ATV Racing: It is the second adventure sports after horse riding at this place. It gives a great pleasure to have a race with your friend on this four wheeled vehicle. They have powerful ATV’s from Polaris. Do wear your riding Jacket and ATV helmet for safety purpose.

ATV Charges

· 1 Round: 500/- INR
· 2 Round: 900/- INR
· 3 Round: 1300/- INR

Destination for Parties and Family Functions: It is a perfect place to escape from regular lifestyle and your daily to-do list. You can book this place for parties and family functions. It will cost around 10,000- INR for the venue and 650/- Veg per plate and 750/- Non-Veg per plate. Everything is organic and you can also choose your organic vegetables for the meals.

Gallery of Colonel’s Walk, Trot & Jump Riding School In Jammu

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Address (Location) of Colonel Walk, Trot and Jump Riding School

It is on the way to Surinsar road. Located at a distance of 3 Km away from Malhori and is 7 Km from Sidhra Chowk.


It is a perfect place to experience farm house lifestyle with adventure sports like ATV and Horse riding. Soon the lodge will be ready then there will be another option to spend night at this farm house which will cost around 2000/- INR per night. It is great place to spend time and will definitely encourage sports tourism in Jammu.

Contact No.

For any queries please contact Mr. Bhawani Singh Parmar +91 9596979797.

7 thoughts on “Colonel’s Walk, Trot & Jump Riding School In Jammu

  1. Kshitij Mahajan

    Can you please give a list of adventure sports which are organised in your school

    1. Author

      Hi Kshitij,

      They have Horse Riding and ATV Racing last we checked. Still for the updated information, feel free to reach them out via the number mentioned in the article.

  2. Vivek

    Pathetic food, overpriced adventure sports and unfriendly staff. The location is not safe for evening time. Avoid it

  3. Anika Rafiqi

    So I wanna really go into this riding school
    Tell me more about it

    1. Abhishek Salwan

      Thankyou Anika for your interest. We will look forward to get more updates. 🙂


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