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Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary In Jammu – Important Things To Know Before You Visit Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary Jammu

Nandini Wildlife century has got its name from the local village which is known by the name Nandini. Though the sight of this place is so pleasing and wild that it won’t disappoint any animal lover. Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary In Jammu Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary has been situated near a Nandini Village. This Wildlife Sanctuary has… Read More »

Purmandal Temple Jammu – One Of The Oldest Holy Place In Jammu

Jammu is a city of temples and after every 1 km there’s a temple that is historic and many people have their own believes for every historic temple. So there’s a Purmandal Temple which is situated in Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir. Purmandal Temple Jammu Purmandal Temple is one of the temple which is… Read More »

Colonel’s Walk, Trot & Jump Riding School In Jammu

It’s not surprising that Jammu & Kashmir is a pretty good destination for adventure sports enthusiasts. With so much diversity in the terrains across the state, it comes as no surprise that J&K has a lot of scope for adventure sports. This is why adventure seekers from all over the country come over to enjoy… Read More »

The Blind Man and his Khoya Barfi at Thandi Khui

Have you ever seen a blind person making tea and sweets. Not only this, he deducts money and without any doubt he is running his business successfully even being blind. This article is about such a man who started his business as a tea seller and sweet maker and now he is famous in the… Read More »

The famous 100 years old Dhani ji Banta Wale in Jammu

Don’t know what the perfect word to address that personality; he is an enthusiast, culture promoter and an entrepreneur who build a legacy which is more than 100 years old. If you are a local being of Jammu then we are damn sure that once in a lifetime you definitely visited there but there are… Read More »