Bahu Fort: One of the Ancient forts in Jammu

By | September 14, 2016

Bahu fort is one of the oldest forts in Jammu, built by Raja Bahulochan at about 3000 years ago and later renovated by Kings of the Dogra Dynasty in 19th century. This fort has the religious significance having a temple of well known Hindu goddess named Kali, who is being considered as the god of the general population of Jammu. The neighbourhood individuals use to call this as “Bawe Wali Mata”.

Bahu Fort: One of the Ancient forts in Jammu

History of Bahu Fort

According to the earlier prehistoric records this fort has the connection with the Bahu Lochan and the Raja Jambu Lochan, both were the sons of King Agnigarbha II who belonged to the Suryavanshi dynasty. The eldest son out of 18 sons of Agnigarbha, Bahu has been credited for the development of the city of Jammu as well as the fort. The prehistoric structure of this fort got modified to a equipped structure since many years ago. Autar Dev who was the grandson of the ruler Kapoor Dev rebuilt this fort in 1585 at the same location. For the period of many years this fort keeps on demolishing and reconstruction from time to time, but the final present structure was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 19th century. This fort was again renovated by Maharaja Ranbir Singh during the period of his rule. This temple was at first developed for tutelary deities.

The Mahakali image present in this temple was being brought from Ayodhya.

Interesting story behind Bahu Fort, Jammu

The fort is believed to be one of the oldest standing buildings in Jammu with an interesting story behind it. It is believed that Raja Jambu Lochan, sibling to Raja Bahulochan and the ruler credited with setting up the city saw an inquisitive sight of a tiger and goat drinking water from the Tawi River, without the tiger attacking the goat. He saw this as a divine sign, one that spelt peaceful coexistence, and decided to establish the city of Jammu here.

Gallery of Bahu Fort in Jammu

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It is a remarkable Place and perfect for family outing.

How to get there or location of Bahu Fort in Jammu

Public Transport is available for this place as it is very famous and you can ask anyone “from where to catch the Matador for Bawe Wali Mata” and you will be there.

For personal vehicle, the direction to the route and his road-map is below.

Activities – What you can do there?

Well, there’s nothing much to do except there’s a small amusement park inside this place named “Appu Ghar”. As the fort turned into a holy place now and is famous for his religious importance. Most people came there to visit “Bawe Wali Mata”. So, if you are in Jammu don’t forget to visit this holy shrine.

Nearby Famous Places

  • Appu Ghar – Amusement Park inside the Fort
  • Underground Fish Aquarium
  • Bagh-E-Bahu Garden
  • Peer Baba Dargah

Timings of Bahu Fort Jammu

Opening time: 5:00 AM

Closing time: 10:00 PM

Best time to visit there

The climate of Jammu always remains pleasant throughout the year; however it can be visited in the months from September to April. The autumn season ranges from September – November and called as the flowering season. Jammu looks stunning in this season.

What we experienced

The place is a historical fort and also a religious place for hindus. Nearby there is a country’s biggest underground fish aquarium, where you can find different species of fishes. Also the famous temple of Bawe Wali Mata is there. The peaceful and scenic surroundings there are so beautiful. So no doubt Bahu Fort in Jammu is a must visit place.

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Note: Bahu Fort and the nearby famous places are filled with lots Makkak Monkeys. Be Careful.

In case of any enquiries the contact number of Bahu Fort in Jammu is (+91-191-2548172)

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