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Welcome to TourmyJ&K.in


            Tourmyj&k   Tourmyj&k.in has a different approach. It was set up by two Indians in an attempt to provide information of two kinds: Of the general travel information, telling you about the history, locals and different aspects of today’s life in J&K, as well as direct sightseeing information on J&K many attractions. This is done similarly to the way conventional guide books would do it.


The “other” aspect of this website makes it distinct: It offers first-hand, local advice from Two real person – including fair criticism and a dash of irony. Many articles you will find here are subjective and don′t even pretend to be neutral (unlike the material presented by the travel blogs). You can evaluate how much they match your own interests by comparing them to information from other websites or guidebooks. The aim of Tourmyj&k.in is to make visitors of to highlight original things about the country and go beyond the tackiness of the conventional image.